Media Mentor – Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from recent clients of the Media Mentor.

They range from recent graduates to people with many years of experience in the industry.

Working with Media Mentor has already helped many people establish themselves in the media industry and progress their career. Recent successes include roles for TV journalists at international broadcasters, a recent graduate landing his first role in TV, while another started at the BBC after one session.

Anna wrote after landing a journalist role in TV:

“David is a genius media mentor and an amazing person. I met him at the time of my personal despair when I was ready to give up my dream of getting a job in television. After numerous “unfortunately your application was unsuccessful…” and a few failed job interviews I realised that I was missing something. That something is the way you present and deliver your skills and experience to your potential employer in your CV and during a job interview. And here comes David!

He made me look at my experience and professional achievements from another angle. David helped me to identify my strongest skills and abilities in my profession. After my first meeting with David I realised that a cover letter is a piece of art! That single page got me a job interview within two hours and a job offer within two days. David helped me to believe in myself and realise that I can do it. And you can do it too! With a little help from David Spencer. Thank you!”

Umar wrote: “I was finding the graduate media job hunt tough going until I came across David and his mentoring session. In one session, I managed to secure more than 10 interviews in two months. The support I have received in getting my CV and cover letter out there to potential employers has been exceptional. I would definitely recommend anyone working in the media to seek David’s advice.”

Ieuan recently started in TV production and said:

“If you’re considering getting help with either: getting on the ladder, or, moving up a few rungs. It is well worth taking this opportunity, if not for the industry insights and tweaks to your applications, then the giant boost of confidence you will no doubt get.”

Sam recently got a job as trainee journalist and said:

“Thank you for your help with my CV and covering letter. I believe you helped give me the confidence and belief that I could get the job.”

Frankie says:

“David Spencer’s mentoring helped me to fine-tune my CV and cover letters. Thanks to his guidance, I am now in full time employment in a media role I love. I will continue to go to him for help and guidance as my career progresses.”

Lila wrote:

“David’s knowledge of the media industry, his patience and interest in helping others to get the job they want, has enabled me to enter the area of Journalism that I have hoped to break into for years. From the first time I contacted David, I felt he has a genuine interest in supporting others which means his approach is thorough and committed – and he adapts to suit your needs. I have worked with David a few times and he has essentially taught me how to market myself and how to believe in my own ability. I would recommend him to everyone.”

Adam says:

I was very lucky to land a great internship after finishing my degree and follow-up journalism diploma, but after I finished my contract I was totally stuck – the job market seemed so tough for the number of emerging applicants, and I was really struggling to find work. But once I met and spoke with David, through one-to-one sessions, Skype sessions and spontaneous phone calls, providing interview prep, honest, genuine advice and positive but constructive feedback, I was able to adapt and sell myself in a much more effective way. There were times when I thought I may not get the work I’d tried so hard to get, but through working with David, I achieved it in the end. I cannot thank him enough, and I’m sure I’ll find myself in contact with him soon enough.

Nathan wrote:

For a reasonable fee I took part in a Skype session with the rest of David’s advice over e-mail and text, provided for free. David’s advice has been invaluable and has taught me to how to accentuate my experience so far and add the right amount of colour to my CV. David has been particularly helpful with cover letters, teaching me how to balance description with practical experience. I am now going back to work with the company I interned for – where I will be logging, managing and editing sports media assets using all the software that I had previously failed to give justifiable space to on my CV.

Sonal says:

With David’s constant support and guidance, job hunting in the UK media industry became less stressful and more of a learning curve. David taught me how to get some perspective by explaining the right approach to getting a suitable job for an international student like me.

After four months of actively job hunting, today I am working as multimedia journalist for a very good organisation in New Delhi.  I might not have succeeded in getting a job in the UK, but after consistent self-reflection and rigorously working to improve my applications I finally learnt the skill of pitching my portfolio to the right organisation. I can today say with immense confidence and pride that one of the reasons I landed the right job was because of constant improvisation and lessons learnt during my journey with David. I cannot thank him enough for his invaluable guidance. He is not just a mentor but a wonderful friend.

Maryse says: After my first session with David, I landed my first paid journalism job with a national news site and a month later I was approached by one of the UK’s most popular newspapers. David gave me valuable guidance with my cv and taught me how to professionally approach recruiters. He is a warm and direct mentor who gives honest feedback and advice. David equipped me with a positive outlook and determination in pursuing my career goals. He is a true professional who brings out the best in you. I certainly wouldn’t be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for him and I can’t thank him enough.

Loukia wrote: “I landed my first journalism gig within three weeks of meeting David and a few months later I was offered a role at one of Britain’s most respected publications. David’s help has been invaluable and I can confidently say I wouldn’t have done it without him. His practical guidance helped me put together an appealing CV and keep my aims in perspective. David is a very warm and approachable person with a great sense of humour. He is always available to give advice and I would recommend him to anyone trying to kickstart or progress in their careers. If my experience is anything to go by, his support is not only practical – it’s also very effective.”

Emma Graham (above) – (Freelance Producer at Bloomberg and talkSPORT in London): David is a wonderful, kind mentor who gives honest feedback and advice. He is a great asset to anyone wanting to be successful in the media world. His valuable support allowed me to move forward in my career with confidence and positive direction. His honest and realistic approach to the media world allowed me to know what I needed to do in order to be successful. David is also an absolutely lovely person who is genuinely supportive and proud of his students. Thank you David!
Dominic Rust said: “Immediately after I finished my degree, I had started to apply for jobs in the media industry but I was not getting the responses I wanted. So I thought to myself that I needed a mentor to look at my CV and give me some honest advice and that is where David came in. I found  that David was easy to work with due to his detailed approach when it came to certain aspects of my CV as well as his knowledge of the media industry. As a result I feel confident in my CV and that I will get my dream job of a career in journalism and that will be down to David’s experience of being a mentor.”

LOUIS O’BRIEN said “David’s advice and help was priceless. The work he did with me on improving my voice and interview techniques were positive and rewarding. His calm, friendly and honest approach helped me progress and learn different approaches to interviews that I would never have  thought of. His attention to detail and supportive approach helped me overcome my stigma of interviews, which has allowed me to secure my first full time job at the BBC. I would fully recommend David to any one who is looking to get themselves on the journalism career ladder as he helps you every step of the way.”

SOPHIE landed her first media job after two mentoring sessions and says: ‘David’s advice was honest and constructive from the first meeting. Drawing upon his wealth of experience, he enabled me to see a way forward in an industry which is often difficult to navigate. His positive, attentive and supportive approach was refreshing, and gave me the self-belief I needed to secure my first job as a Broadcast Journalist. I cannot recommend him highly enough as both a mentor and a voice coach’.

SHAKILA BARABHUIYA wanted to make the next step from her first local newspaper job and achieved that through our help and guidance. She said : “David’s help was invaluable in taking the next step in my career. His re-wording of my CV was the most important thing for me as it helped me focus my applications.  He was always available for a chat, was quick to reply to emails and was on hand whatever time of day it was. He’s very easy to talk to, gives honest opinions and offers new ways of thinking.

GEMMA NASH (above) – Sub-Editor, Sky Sports News: “As somebody trying to forge a career in broadcasting, David’s help and advice has proved invaluable.  The voice coaching he provides has helped me determine exactly what aspects of my voice I need to work on in order to improve and achieve my goals. He has also helped me improve my confidence and belief in my ability. I have every confidence that with his help, I will be able to achieve the career I have always wanted”.

COLIN BESLEY (above) – Sky News Radio journalist and radio presenter achieved a full time media job after regular consultation: “David is a great mentor and gives a very honest assessment of what can be achieved.  He offers valuable support and is very good at making you feel more confident/positive/optimistic/energised after a chat.  It’s very helpful to have someone with his experience, contacts and ideas to give an objective perspective on which options to explore.  The layout and wording of my CV is definitely a lot better.”

DAVID GIBBS now works with UEFA: “Please to say that I have now found a role beating over 200+ applicants as a Jr Multimedia Editor at . The tips you gave me have helped to improve my CV and cover letter.”

NICKY LLOYD-WILLIAMS – Voiceover artist: “David is an excellent mentor.  He offers valuable and practical advice and instantly “gets” what you are trying to do and does his absolute best to help you achieve it, as well as coming up with new ideas, avenues and leads to explore.  No waffle, no flannel and refreshingly honest. He also does a great line in emotional support and back-up. A cup of coffee and a chat with David guarantees a confidence boost and renewed self-belief – bit like having your own personal battery pack. Since working with David, the volume and calibre of my voiceover work has increased substantially….I cannot thank him enough.”

ELEANOR FROST – Producer/Chief Sub Sky News – “From technical voice training to career advice and guidance, David has been such a support as a mentor and I feel really positive about the results we have achieved. It’s so helpful to have someone from within the industry to suggest ideas, different approaches and give you perspective on where your strengths lie and where there is room for improvement.  In months, I feel my voice has greater confidence and the mentoring has helped me open my mind to different aspects of the industry that I wouldn’t have thought of working in before. It’s been a great experience and I’m really grateful to David for his insight and contacts, I wish I had started media mentoring years ago.”

BECKY TALBOT (above) – Broadcaster and writer now working at the likes of talkSPORT – “Without the media mentor I would not have had the opportunities to really kick start my career. David’s frank and honest advice and practical guidance has definitely pointed me in the right direction. It has been great to work alongside David; he is just the most genuine and easy going person.”

GEMMA MORRIS (above) – Presenter at SKY NEWS – describes David Spencer’s help at the beginning of her career as ‘invaluable’. Training included voice coaching and career advice.

CAROLINE EDEY (Sky News producer) – said “David is a patient, knowledgeable voice coach who knows how to get the best out of his students.”

Mentoring is a great way for individuals to build confidence, expand their portfolio, and progress their career. We like to take time with each client and build a relationship – and unlike an agent, don’t forget about you! Media Mentor is there to care.


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